Abandcalledboy EP

by Abandcalledboy

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"Power trio Abandcalledboy release their self-titled EP, a seven track offering showcasing a band ready to take their place among some of NI's heavy hitters. Packed with melody, meaty riffs and a metric tonne of hooks, highlights included the anthemic 'Serotonin' and the razor-sharp, neck-bothering 'Cliff Richard'. To be honest there isn't a weak song on the opus. File under "G" for game-changer. " - Edwin McFee, Hot Press Magazine (April 2014)


"This is the real deal." - Andy Cairns, Therapy? (BBC ATL, 31.03.14)


"The songs will fit comfortably into their live sets – in fact, they will probably become new favourites immediately. Abandcalledboy definitely put the ‘hardcore fun’ into rock n roll. This EP will without a doubt win them new fans and thrill old fans alike." - Melanie Brehaut, Chordblossom


"Including the release’s lead single ‘Cliff Richard‘, the EP features the brims with the Ryan Burrowes-fronted trio’s now fully-formed grasp of fusing earworming melodies with pummeling weight. Over the course of seven tracks, and most impressively on ‘Serotonin’ and ‘Mirrorlover’, drop-tuned riffs meld with deceptively contagious vocal hooks and an unrelentingly impassioned delivery that confirms the arrival of one of the country’s most promising alt-rock bands of a generation." - Brian Coney, The Thin Air


"...a collection of caustic hook-filled stompers that cements the band’s position as one of the most promising talents in Ireland at the minute." - Cian Walsh, Goldenplec



www.youtube.com/watch?v=MnbNSdG1Pe4 (Youtube)

vimeo.com/abandcalledboy/cliffrichardvid (HD on Vimeo)


released April 8, 2014

All tracks written by Abandcalledboy
Produced & Mixed by Niall Doran and Abandcalledboy



all rights reserved


Abandcalledboy Belfast, UK

Abandcalledboy were a weird rock band from Belfast, Ireland. They played lots of shows and had a lot of fun.

Here is what they sounded like.

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Track Name: Another Meat Industry
Dressed up, it's no good.
You told me, you'd never sell yourself,
And then you sold yourself.
The class clown, a prize fool,
Remind me how to control myself,
I could be one of them.

Processed and guilt free.
You're a part of another meat industry,
But I'll choose to be me.
You're a part of another meat industry.
The process is guilt free.
You're a part of another meat industry.

Made out of wood,
Puppets don't move, unless they are made to.
Save yourself, and cut the string from them.
This make up is no good,
Plastered on, it just wont hide the truth.
Just save yourself, from being one of them.

Becoming all the same,
it's best to keep it fake,
You know they're all the same,
You'll never win the race.

And I'd take it all away.
Track Name: Cliff Richard
We've got his love,
We've got his smile,
In the lords name, just drink his wine,
He knows the plans for end of times
But we all know he'll never die

We got his thoughts,
So join our tribe,
Millennium prayers, drinking urine,
But we all know the deviant side,
He's born to rule, he'll never die

Bring Cliff Richard to me,
Under skin you will see,
The Cliff Richard deceit,
And the will to be free

And with his words,
Read between the lines,
The end is near, now join his side,
We know he's right, he'd never lie,
Our messiah can never die

Free? I've got no place to go,
My life couldn't be moving any slower,
Now i've got 'the one' he is all I could want,
I've got Cliff Richard tied up in knots

I got the call 'set him free',
But I wanted cliff from my colour TV,
I know what I want and I get what I want,
I want Cliff Richard tied up in knots

I know it seems wrong, but I can't stop thoughts of this.
Inside these walls, my mind doesn't feel different.

I know the stars align with him,
it's a truth you should all know
my mind just won't see it different
He's the god I will follow
Track Name: Serotonin
I will never see,
into this defeat
Theres something about what you believe,
It never sits with me.
Take it on the cheek, a life you'll never lead,
Something about what you believe,
It never sat with me.

Take It All.

We rely on Serotonin,
And I deny that you could own it,
Your lips run dry, you know it,
And we rely on serotonin.
Track Name: Expect Less, Achieve More
It's hard to say how he could have known,
That his mind just won't ever grow,
Hit the birds, but without a stone,
he failed once, he will never know.

It takes time, to increase the flow,
With the lies, it's all he knows.
He acts wise, but it doesn't show,
He failed once, he will never know.

Cut out the heart and bleed out the thoughts.
We got the brain, but it's been under clocked.
I'd take the mouth, but it was always on.
Talking shit and boring someone.

I got something my heart can never stop.
We got something our hearts can never stop,
I want to wake up, when we know this is gone.
It's time to wake up when we know this is gone.

Need to wake up.
Cut out the heart, bleed out it all,
Cut out the heart, eat all he's got.
Track Name: Place Of Dead Roads
Say your prayers,
Cause he's not leaving.
All alone
You'll never reason.
Find a gun,
It's hunting season,
Carve a smile,
To let them feel it.

These roads lead to nothing,
Pretending to know it.
Bricks forming the rubble,
They forced you build with,
Pain in what you eat.
I'll stomach lining,
Comes with all the greed,
You need to tie it.

You've got to say something,
Or you'll end up with nothing.
I always believed it,
But you never listen.
I will never leave, if you say something
I will never leave, you need to say something.
Track Name: Mirrorlover
You are now the last in line,
Self obsessed, without a life,
Body shape, distorts in time,
It is nice to live a lie.
Acted Lines,
Multiply, the lie, to make it right.
Love Is Blind
Multiply, the lie, to make it right.
And you took something good,
Only making it worse,
And you took something good,
And you fucked it up.
I've got the lie, never listened.
Open your mind, it's a system,
That we have designed, never listened,
Open your eyes, it's a system.
You are now the last in line,
Pack the beauty, wrap it tight,
Plastic Smile, without a life,
It is nice to live a lie.

I want to be someone I can believe,
Looking in mirrors we'll never be free.
Track Name: The Trick Is In The Timing
You said to me
We'll only see,
Good times in dreams,
We'll be complete.
I've got no time to stand around here,
People marching, drawing closer.
No more innocence,
We've got our plans already made,
You've got no more innocence,
We've got our plans already made.
You try to be,
Something you've seen,
Don't take the lead,
You'll never be free.
Now your scene has gone away, now your scene is dead.
I can't help it that I can't live within stories from the past.
I'm not interested now.
Now your scene has gone away.